There are so many people who helped me make this project a reality.

I would like to thank:

My project supervisor, the inimitable Dr Theo van Heijnsbergen, for his unwavering support.

Dr Gordon Munro and the Musica Scotica Trust for allowing me to use the indispensable volumes of sheet music transcribed by Kenneth Elliott and Helena Mennie Shire to create my own versions of the songs.

Dr Jamie Reid Baxter for his encouragement and for sharing his knowledge at the inception of the project.

Professor Kirsteen McCue for her assistance at exactly the right moments.

Dr Rhona Brown for keeping me grounded from the beginning of the project.

Dr Craig Lamont for technological connections.

Dr Joanna Kopaczyk for her excellent teachings and demonstrations of early Scottish pronunciation.

Dr Katy Cooper who gave me patient advice and instruction.

Morag Greig, the College of Arts Librarian at the University of Glasgow for knowing exactly how to quickly navigate the tricky issues of copyright.

Dr Elaine Moohan for invaluable practical and inspirational advice.

Gillean McDougall for excellent anecdotes and recommendations.

Brian Aitken for setting up this excellent website.


To all of the inspiring musicians who performed (and arranged) these brilliant songs: Katy Cooper, Catriona Downie, Alison Eales, Ryan English, Sam Irvine, Emma Kerr, Helen Kingstone, Lorenz von Lupke,  Leah Meromy, Amanda Nizic, Kris Pohl and Alasdair Roberts.

For behind the scenes musical and technical wizardry: Danny Herbert, Kris Pohl (Post Electric Studio) and Samuel Smith (Green Door Studio).

Subcity Radio for giving me a platform to broadcast the results.