Here, I have compiled a number of the primary texts, literary criticism and musical recordings I utilised while researching the project.

The Lyrics


Ane godlie dreame, Elizabeth Melville (Robert Charteris, Edinburgh, 1603)

Ballattis of Luve, ed. John MacQueen (Edinburgh 1970)

The Complaynt of Scotland, Robert Wedderburn, ed. A.M. Stewart (Edinburgh, Scottish Text Society, 1979)

The gude and godlie ballatis, ed. Alasdair A. MacDonald (Scottish Text Society, 2015)

Poems of Alexander Montgomerie, ed. David J. Parkinson (Edinburgh, Scottish Text Society, 2000)

Poems of Elizabeth Melville, Lady Culross, Unpublished Work from Manuscript with ‘Ane Godlie Dreame’, ed. Jamie Reid Baxter (Edinburgh, 2010)

The Mercat anthology of early Scottish literature, 1375-1707, eds. R.D.S. Jack and P.A.T. Rozendaal (Mercat Press, 1997)


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Sally Mapstone (ed.), Older Scots Literature (Edinburgh, 2005)

David J Parkinson(ed.), James VI and I, Scotland and Literature: Tides of Change, 1567-1625 (Leuven, 2012)


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The Music


John Forbes, Cantus, Songs and Fancies (Aberdeen, 1682)

Robert Jones, The First Booke of Songes or Ayres (London, 1600)

Music of Scotland, 1500-1700, MB XV, eds. Kenneth Elliott and Helene Mennie Shire, (Musica Britannica, 1957)

Sixteenth-century Scots songs for voice and lute, edited and arranged by Kenneth Elliott (Univeristy of Glasgow, 1996)


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